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Legality of Neon or 'Underglow' Car Lights Keep Attracting FindLaw ...
May 14, 2012 . It seems a lot of car buffs out there like the look of their cars. . posts asked nearly three years ago, "Are neon or 'underglow' car lights legal?" . California; Civil Rights; Colorado; DUI; DWI; Entrepreneur; FindLaw; FindLaw .

Traffic Laws on Vehicle Underglow Lights |
Traffic Laws on Vehicle Underglow Lights. Underglow lights are neon lights attached to the undercarriage of a car, motorcycle or truck. These lights provide a .

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Summary of car underglow laws in california Euroclean Ace 

Are underglow lights illegal? | Answerbag
There isn\'t a federal law against having lights underneath your car. There are laws against so-called under-glow lights, be they neon or LED, in certain states . California Department of Motor Vehicles: Lighting Requirements .

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Underglow Laws in California |
Underglow Laws in California. Underglow is created by attaching neon or LED light tubes on the underside of a vehicle, creating a colorful glow that makes the .

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Why is under glow illegal? | Why
May 16, 2011 . The motor vehicle law at Kansas state says that the under glow light should not be red and any other colored lamps are allowed. The California .

Neon Underglow Laws |
Neon Underglow Laws. One of the most popular external cosmetic modifications on cars is the addition of neon lights under the chassis, commonly called .

Mitsubishi Eclipse Underbody Light Kits at Andys Auto Sport
At Andy's Auto Sport, you can find Mitsubishi Eclipse Underbody Light Kits at a great price. . Underbody light kits are completely legal in most states as long as two conditions are met. First . Surprisingly, blue is usually fine as it is not an " official" emergency vehicle color (yes, even in California!). . Eclipse underglow kits .

Under Glow Neon Laws in South Dakota at The DMV ...
Find information for Under Glow Neon Laws and other South Dakota DMV . South Dakota Safety Laws - Cell Phone, Seat Belt, Car Seat, Child Safety Laws in .


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